Tension fabric displays are a staple at trade shows, large events, and retail spaces. These professionally styled fabric displays exhibit your brand or marketing message through bright, full-color fabric graphics that are sure to leave a positive impression on passerby and potential customers alike. We offer our high-quality tension fabric displays in a variety of styles, sizes, and printing options that are affordable for any budget. With a wide selection of dye-sublimation-printed stretch walls, banner stands, and custom kiosks, you’ll be sure to find and create the perfect display for your brand. Start designing yours today!

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What Is a Tension Fabric Display?

Tension fabric and stretch fabric pop up displays are typically exhibits that employ a stretchy, dye-sublimated polyester fabric, that is pulled over and around a pre-assembled lightweight frame to create a colorful and modern display. These innovative displays are useful for multiple applications due to their ease of use and bright, full-color designs. Benefits of exhibiting a tension fabric display include:

  • Professional, full-color display
  • Easy, lightweight travel
  • Simple & quick setup & breakdown
  • Machine washable fabric graphics
  • Inexpensive replacement graphics

Unlike conventional pop up displays, our stretch displays are designed to be compact, lightweight and travel-friendly: the use of the snap-click system to put the frame together means that our tension fabric displays can be assembled by just one person. Each wall frame section is connected by a piece of elastic cord, so you don’t have to worry about losing a piece for future shows.

That same system that makes disassembly a snap also makes it easy to transport. Since most of the pieces are connected, they shrink down to fit easily inside the included carry bag. Weight is no issue, either: the largest wall we sell (20’) weighs in at just 30 pounds, making it easy to carry or ship.

Tension Fabric Pop Up Displays – Choose Your Style

Make an impact at your next trade show or with your next product promotion with a fully custom-printed fabric display from Vispronet.  We offer an array of tension fabric display products ranging from banner stands to oversized stretch backdrops. Each product is printed on our durable, wrinkle-resistant knitted polyester using the dye sublimation printing process for exceptionally vibrant color reproduction. 

Stretch Walls

We offer four different styles of tension fabric backdrops. These include our Straight Wall, Curved Wall, Wave Wall, and Vertical Curve Wall. All these styles offer multiple sizes and a unique head turning design – meaning you aren’t limited to a flat display surface. The expanding hardware is aluminum and designed for easy, lightweight travel. Setup is simple and fast; it includes snapping poles together and can be installed in minutes.  Each fabric backdrop has the option to print just the front of the design or to print double-sided for maximum exposure.

Tablet Kiosk Stand

Our Custom Tablet Kiosk Stand combines the classic look of a printed display with modern mobile kiosk technology. Unlike our competitors’ offerings, our kiosk comes custom printed on both the front and rear of the display, on a flame-retardant polyester. The tablet or iPad displayed is highly secured and can only be removed with the included hex keys. The aluminum hardware is lightweight and is easy to setup and breakdown. We offer two different styles of the kiosk: one with brochure holders and one without.

Banner Stands

We have two Banner Stand options: Suspension Stands and Pillowcase Banner Stands. These seamless tension fabric banners are lightweight and easy to setup and break down. We offer each style in multiple widths and heights. These column-like displays are perfect for an array of applications including retail stores, churches, malls and shopping centers, as well as conventions and trade show booths.

Stretch Banner Stands

We offer two styles of our stretch banner stands: Cobra Stretch and Curved Stretch. Each has an attractive head-turning design and showcases your marketing message unlike any other standard fabric banner stands. Each banner stand offers the option for both front and rear printing. Both are constructed from aluminum frames for easy travel and can be assemble in minutes. This style banner stand is perfect for more spacious applications like large retail stores, airports, shopping malls and trade expos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where are tension fabric displays typically exhibited?

Due to the diversity of product styles including tension fabric backdrops, kiosks, and banner stands, these displays are used for an array of applications. These applications include trade show and expos, churches and places of worship, museums, showrooms, large hotels, movie theatres, retail outlets, financial institutions, schools and colleges, airports and many more.

What materials are offered?

The material we offer for these displays is our Display Polyester. This knitted fabric is nearly opaque and is wrinkle-resistant and flame-retardant with a very slight stretch and glossy finish. The Weight:5.03 oz/yd ². This type of polyester displays full, vibrant colors well - and is very durable for machine washing and repeated use.

Is your fabric transparent and allow light to pass through it?

No, our fabric is not transparent. Our Standard Polyester is nearly opaque but not completely. It does let a small amount of light to pass through it in lighter colors but nothing noticeable, especially indoors.

Is your Custom Tablet iPad Kiosk printed on both sides?

Yes! Unlike most of competitors, the whole tablet display is covered in your custom design – for no extra charge. This is especially useful in applications where the kiosk won’t be up against a wall and people are able to see the rear of it.

What are your frames constructed from?

Most of our hardware for our stretch fabric displays is constructed from aluminum, with some bases being powder-coated steel. There are multiple benefits of using aluminum for applications like these including its light weight and its sturdiness. An additional benefit of the light weight is easier travel to shows and events.

How is the display fabric printed?

All our tension fabric is printed using dye sublimation. This printing method makes for exceptionally vibrant, full-color designs. It involves turning ink from a solid state to a gas state and applying directly into the target canvas (product). This makes for exceptional color reproduction and is far more scratch and fade-resistant compared to other, inferior printing methods.

Does your fabric tear easily?

No. Our knitted Standard Polyester should not tear or rip unless punctured by something sharp like a knife or scissors. This material is very durable and there shouldn’t be any issues with tearing or ripping.

Do your stretch walls come in only one size?

No, we offer multiple sizes for each tension fabric wall display and our curved fabric display walls ranging from 8ft up to 20ft. It is important to choose the correct size for your application.

Is it easy to travel with stretch fabric displays?

Due to the light weight of the frames and foldable fabric, weight is not an issue if traveling. Each display frame breaks down or collapses into a small form that is easy to carry around. Each order comes with a complementary carry bag to make travel even easier.

Can I display my exhibits outdoors?

Yes, you can exhibit outdoors in good weather. We don’t recommend using them outdoors very often or for very long as they are lightweight aluminum and a slight wind and dirty ground water/mud could prove disastrous for your display. 

Am I able to just buy hardware? Able to just buy a print?

Yes! Unlike most of our competitors we have the option if you just need hardware or you just need a new print. When you are configuring your product on the product page, navigate to the first drop down menu under “Order Type”. Click the dropdown and choose your selection.

What if I make a small mark or stain on our banner? Can I clean?

Yes! Small marks or stains can be removed with a soapy warm cloth. We recommend not using any harsh chemicals or heavy soaps as these may leave lasting damage to your fabric.

If your fabric is getting dingy or dirty, simply throw it in a washing machine and wash it with a gentle cycle. Hang dry. This should keep your fabric clean and looking as good as new!

How should I store my fabric pop up display?

Store your tension fabric separately from the hardware. Store both separately in a cool, dry place out of sunlight.

Which file types can I upload for my design?

We accept multiple file types. We advise you submit on a template as a PDF file for both Mac and PC. Also we accept Photoshop® and Illustrator® file types. The remaining acceptable file types include: PDF, .AI, .EPS, .PSD, .JPG, and .TIFF.

Does a carry bag come standard for each order?

Yes, each tension fabric display order comes with a complementary carry bag.

Is the frame hardware adjustable to different sizes?

No, the size you configure will be the only size the product allows. However, we do offer multiple sizes for our stretch walls.

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