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Tent Add-Ons

Tents aren’t just a means for you to cover some outdoor area at a show or event. Instead, you can use tents in a number of different roles and scenarios, from creating an atmosphere, to giving your guests a place to relax. The only things you need to transform your tent are your list of requirements and a little bit of creativity. Let’s take a look at some of the add-ons you can use to transform your tent into the ultimate trade show space.

Add Pizazz with Leg Banners

The best thing about leg banners is that they serve a dual purpose – not only do they create a pleasant look for the outside of your tent by hiding the legs, but they give you almost double the design space — a perfect way to add accompaniments to your main logo or design.

Advertise Your Specials with Tent Banners

If you need to add or change something on your tent wall, the best way to do it is with a removable tent banner. This way, you can cover your tent with whatever designs you like — each removable tent banner has the option to include a full print design of whatever you like. Once you’ve decided on the designs for your removable banner, they’re easy to attach: every tent banner comes with safety pins to easily attach it to your tent wall or valance.

Stand Out with Tent Bowflags and Flags

Looking for a way to make your tent stand out? Our tent bowflags and flags are great for this — they attach easily to your tent’s legs, and you have a number of different shapes and sizes available so that you can choose the flag that fits the design of your tent best. Choose from single–reverse or double–sided prints — no matter which you choose, both options are available with custom print or stock color flag options. Don’t let your tent be a wallflower. Stand out with a Vispronet® Pop Up Tent Flag.

Keep Things Spacious and Comfy with Tent Leg Drapes

Just like the products you sell, your tent should have a high–quality, stylish appearance. Enter the tent leg drape from Vispronet® — the best way to do so. Our tent leg drapes can be used as corner curtains or side scarves for your tent — a great way to hide the legs from view, while, at the same time, providing your guests with a feeling of spaciousness and comfort.

Add Ornaments with Tent Leg Bows

Our pop up tent bows are the perfect way to add ornamentation to your personalized pop up tent. These bows attach easily to your tent so that you can create a more unique tent space in order to stand out from the competition at trade shows and events. Choose between one of 20 different stock colors or get your tent bows custom–printed!

Keep the Rain Off with Our Tent Gutters and Awnings

Keep your visitors comfy with a tent gutter or awning from Vispronet®. Rain or shine, we’ve got what you need to protect your tent’s visitors. Our tent awnings are a great way to increase the amount of people that can occupy your tent — a great way to maximize visitor engagement. Choose between a stock option in white or one with your custom design.

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