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10x20 Pop Up Canopy Tents

Trying to get set up for a large event is easier said than done. That's where a 10x20 tent from Vispronet® comes in. Our large 10x20 canopy tents serve so many different roles that you'll wonder how you put an event space together without one. Use 10x20 pop up tents as a meeting place, food tent, shelter during outdoor events and more! Features include:

  • Full-color, logo print, or stock color 10 x 20 canopies
  • Single–sided, double–sided or stock walls
  • Hook–and–loop fastener to make 10x20 pop up canopy & wall assembly a breeze
  • Dye sublimation print is ingrained into the material so it will not scratch off

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Make A Great Meeting Place with A 10x20 Canopy Tent from Vispronet®

For millennia, large canopy tents have been used as places to hold meetings, discussions and other events. But they're not just for sit–down meetings that you want to keep out of the elements: many organizations (including churches) are using 10x20 pop up canopy tents for everything, from picnics, to groundbreaking ceremonies, festivals, and more.

What Should I Know When Designing My 10x20 Tent?

There are a couple things attendees look for when they decide which tent to duck under during an outdoor event. Here's what you should keep in mind when you design your 10x20 popup canopy.

Create Shade

Warm weather and sunny days can sometimes be too much for your audience to bear, especially if they've been trekking up and down a line of displays in the hot sun. With an inside area of 200 square feet, a 10x20 pop up tent with sides from Vispronet® gives you enough space to provide shade for plenty of people — ensuring that they’ll come back to you once they're done visiting the booths that are baking in the sun.

Enhance Your Setting with A Large 10x20 Pop Up Canopy

Depending on where your trade show or conference is taking place, you might have built–in scenery for your guests to admire — but that doesn't mean it can't be further enhanced by bringing in some clever décor:

  • Instead of using standard wooden picnic benches or metal folding chairs, get chairs with colored fabric. Not only will they give you an easily–setup element for your space, but you can even forgo the colored fabric and get your 10x20 canopy printed with a company logo or slogan for an added touch.
  • Bring the inside out: by using traditional living room furniture outdoors, you create a uniquely comfortable, yet delightfully unexpected environment.
  • Let there be light: giving your outdoor events a kick of color by using floodlights or color-changing RGB lights is a great way to liven up your large canopy tent.

No matter how you choose to do it, enhancing the setting of your 10x20 canopy is a great way to draw people — especially interested customers — into the customized event space you’ve designed for them.

10x20 Pop Up Tent Style Comparisons

Full Print

Vispronet’s full print 10x20 pop up tent includes a full color imprint of your custom design displayed across the whole canopy surface for maximum brand exposure. This high-quality canopy is printed using dye sublimation on a premium polyester – giving it a canvas-like appearance with flame-retardant, water-resistant, and scratch proof qualities. As with all Vispronet tents, the setup and breakdown is quick and easy and can be accomplished in a matter of minutes. A full print 10x20 pop up canopy with sides is the perfect tent for any show or event with large crowds, such as trade shows, sporting events, and art shows.

Logo Print

Our Logo print 10x20 pop up canopy is a hybrid between the full print tent and our stock color tent. The logo print 10x20 pop up canopy allows customers to effectively brand their tents without the full design and print of the entire canopy. The canopies are printed on polyester material using dye sublimation printing, producing rich, vibrant colors – as well as being water-resistant and flame-retardant. 10x20 pop up tent templates are available to help design your perfect logo print tent.

Stock Color

Vispronet’s stock colored 10x20 tents are the most economical choice for customers not needing a branded tent, but still needing its value. These high-quality stock tent canopies are made from a thick, UV-resistant, water-resistant polyester material - and are available in multiple colors, including black, red, white, and blue.

10x20 Tent Frame Options

Basic 10x20 Tent Deluxe 10x20 Tent

Basic Tent Frame Dimensions

Deluxe Tent Frame Dimensions

10x20 Canopy Tents - Frequently Asked Questions

What frame series is the 10x20 tent in?

Our 10x20 tents come in either a basic or a deluxe tent frame.

The basic is the more economical of the two and is made from steel. The legs can be adjusted to 5 different heights up to 11ft. The basic tent frame weight 101lbs.

The deluxe frame is also available in 5 heights that can be adjusted up to 11ft. The main difference is that the deluxe model is made from aluminum, which doesn’t rust when used outdoors. The deluxe is also more lightweight, weighing 68lbs. Because of these features, the deluxe frame is also more expensive than the basic 10 x 20 pop up tent.

What is the difference between full print, logo print, and stock color canopies?

The difference lies in what sections can be personalized with your design. The full print option can have the whole 10x20 canopy (all peaks and valances) printed with a custom design. The logo print option can have the whole 10x20 canopy printed a wide range of different colors, but an actual image or logo can only cover a certain part of the canopy. This is outlined in the 10x20 pop up canopy template. If the area has stripes on the template that means it can’t be printed on. The stock canopies are not printed at all. They come in a blank color, such as red, blue, or green. No graphic should be submitted for a stock color tent.

What materials are available for the 10x20 tent frames and canopies?

As previously mentioned, the frame is available in a basic steel tent frame and an aluminum deluxe tent frame. The steel model is more affordable than the aluminum frame, but the aluminum frame lasts longer.

For the 10x20 canopy, it depends on the kind of printing that is selected. Full print and logo print tent canopies are available in water-resistant and flame-retardant polyester (300D polyester). This kind of material is easy to print on.

The stock color canopies are also made from polyester but have a polyurethane coating. They also have 450D rather than 300D material, which makes them more heavy-duty for outdoor use. 300D, however, is more lightweight than 450D.

What’s the tallest the 10x20 pop up tent height can be adjusted to?

Both the basic and deluxe tent frames can be adjusted to 11ft. This is done by using the push-levers located on the tent frame legs. The shortest size is 10ft when fully set up. When collapsed down for storage, the frame only stands 5ft tall.

How is the canopy printed?

High-quality printing is used for our custom-made tents. We use a modern dye sublimation process that creates more sharp, vivid colors, scratch-resistant graphics, and infuses the colors into the material rather than having the image feel like it was placed on top of the fabric. If you would like to learn more about our sublimation technique, you can view our blog on the subject.

What accessories can I get with my 10x20 pop up canopy?

We offer a number of accessories for all our custom tents. These accessories can be added to your order while configuring your 10x20 tent or by visiting the tent hardware or add-ons categories.

On the product page, you will find additional tabs to add the following accessories to your 10x20 canopy order - Cases, Stakes & Weights, and Accessories. The items in these tabs are dynamic and will display the appropriate products that best suits your 10x20 tent configuration.

The “Cases” tab displays carry bags for transporting and storing your tent. The stakes and weights are very important hardware if you plan on setting up your 10x20 pop up tent outdoors. Stakes are placed into the ground while weights are used around the tent legs (and can also be used indoors). Finally, the “Accessories” tab includes rain gutters and awnings that fit your 10x20 tent for outdoor use. These accessories funnel rainwater from your tent.

How do I set up my 10x20 pop up tents?

Our 10x20 tents are all set up the same way regardless of how they’re printed. First, the aluminum or steel frame easily expands and is recommened to set up with 2-4 people. The 10x20 pop up canopy is attached with simple hook and loop fasteners to secure it around the frame. Finally, the tent frame is anchored to the ground using tent stakes or weights for extra stability. Please see our 10x20 tent assembly video below for step by step instructions.

Setup Video

10 x 20 Setup

Where can I use my 10x20 canopy tent?

The spacious 10x20 canopy is often used for advertising purposes. You often see vendors use 10x20 pop up canopies at local fairs, business tradeshows, and company presentations. They can also be used outside of the business venue in such areas as football games where food and drinks are supplied.

There is no limit to what the 10x20 pop up canopy can be used for. The canopies don’t just have to be used for company logos, they can also be designed for personal use at such functions as weddings and other outdoor celebrations. The large 10x20 canopy can be set up anywhere you want to display a logo or a fun design and provide shade.

Is the canopy material flame-retardant?

Our 300D and 600D polyester materials used for our printed 10x20 canopy are flame-retardant, which is a feature required at some tradeshows and business venues.

Our solid color tent canopies are not flame-retardant and shouldn’t be displayed near open flames.

What other tent sizes are available?

Aside from the large 10x20 size, we offer different frame series and canopies in other sizes, from the diminutive 5x5 to the expansive 20x20 layouts. See our “Shop By Size” table above to see all the tent frame sizes we have available.

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