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8x8 Canopy Tents

In search of a custom pop-up canopy that can offer your brand maximum exposure without taking up the space of a large tent? Our 8x8 tent options are the perfect solution. Offering an array of different styles, features, and options, Vispronet is sure to carry the perfect match for your brand or business. Features of our 8x8 canopy tents include:

  • Printed canopy options: Full print, Logo print, Stock color, All white
  • Premium polyester canopy, flame-retardant, water-resistant, weather tested
  • Printed using dye sublimation method for bold, dramatic color reproduction
  • Multiple accessories available including wall options with windows and doors
  • Fast, secure setup and breakdown using hook-and-loop fasteners
  • Multiple frame styles for an array of applications

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8.5' x 8.5' Compact pop up tent with all over print Save
1 pc $479.20 ea $599.00 You save: $119.80
8.5x8.5 Logo Tent (Optional Walls) 17 Color Icon for Tents/Tablecloths
1 pc $534.00 ea
8.5 x 8.5 Compact Logo Tent Save
17 Color Icon for Tents/Tablecloths
1 pc $461.60 ea $577.00 You save: $115.40
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8.5 x 8.5 Compact Stock Color Tent Save
5 Color Icon for Stock Tents
1 pc $207.20 ea $259.00 You save: $51.80

Why Choose a Vispronet 8x8 Canopy Tent?

Our high-quality canopy tents are perfect for a range of applications including expo and trade shows, craft shows, food festivals, government gatherings, job fairs, sporting events, and church events, among many others. No matter what show or event you may need an 8x8 canopy tent for, Vispronet carries all the accessories and options you may possibly need.

8x8 Tent Printing and Material

All our 8x8 tent styles and sizes are printed on premium polyester canopy using the dye sublimation process. This state-of-the-art printing process makes for extraordinarily vibrant and rich color reproduction, resulting in an eye-catching canopy display for your brand or business. Aside from awesome color reproduction, dye sublimation printing comes with some additional benefits including:

  • High-definition print – photo lab quality print
  • Scratch and scuff resistant finish
  • Dramatically less fading long term compared to industry competitors

All our 8x8 canopy tents are crafted to be used for indoor and outdoor applications and contain a premium flame-retardant and water-resistant finish. Our canopy tents are built durably to withstand poor weather conditions, including rain and wind. All have been wind and weather tested and can all sustain steady winds up to 20mph with higher end frames outlasting 30mph winds, all while being light and maneuverable enough for a no hassle travel experience.

Add Accessories to Your Tent

We offer a substantial number of accessories for our custom printed 8x8 pop up tents including walls, doors, and windows, weights, anchors and stakes, bags and travel cases, roof interior liner, walls with window and door options, flooring, lighting, removable banners, leg drapes, bows and flags, gutters and awnings, and extra frames. These personalized accessories make for a unique custom 8x8 tent that is built to withstand any show season.

Select Your 8x8 Canopy Style

We offer multiple styles of our 8x8 pop up canopy. Each of our canopies is printed on a high-quality polyester material using dye sublimation printing for a professional, eye-catching tent display.

Full Print

Each canopy is printed across all peaks and valances in spectacular full color to fill the custom canopy with your design. Each side can have a unique design or can be uniform across all four sides. This style is most popular among customers that have a full design ready for their tents or would like a full design created by our design team.

Logo Print

For this 8x8 canopy style, each side of the canopy has a designated printing area for your brand or logo. Also known as “area print” this style is best for customers that don’t have a full design ready for their tents, but still want them customized for their business. We offer 15 vibrant colors for customers looking to add some color to their custom logo printed canopies.

White and Stock Color Print

Our stock color and all white style 8x8 tents are perfect for customers that are looking for a budget friendly alternative to custom canopy tents. These tents are still high quality and tested, and come with the same aluminum or powder coated steel as our custom tents but do not have any customization done to the canopy.

Compact Design

Our compact frame and canopy design is available in full print, logo print, white, and stock color options. The compact aluminum design is specially designed for customers on the go that need a lighter, and smaller frame. These are especially popular among customers that are unable to lift our normal frames, or for customers traveling in tight spaces such as a car. They are lighter than our normal canopy tents and are able to fit into an automobile trunk.

8x8 Tent Frames Features

We offer a number of different style frames for our 8x8 canopy tents. These include: Economy Frame, Basic Frame, Compact Frame.

Economy Frame

Our Economy Frame is out most economical option. This powder coated, cream colored, steel frame has solid stability and is weather tested to sustain 20mph winds. Its square legs are fully adjustable and collapsible and have three different height settings.

Basic Frame

Our Basic Frame is a step up from the Economy, and is also a budget friendly choice. This powder coated, off white color steel frame comes with hexagonal legs, and has extra stability for windier applications. It is weather tested to withstand 25mph winds. Its hexagonal legs are fully collapsible and adjust to three different height settings.

Compact Frame

Our compact Frame is the one of the lighter frames we offer. This aluminum, grey colored frame has solid stability, light weight, and is small enough to fit into a car trunk. This 8x8 canopy frame is the best option for traveling between multiple shows or events due to its light weight and slender build. It is weather tested to stand up to 25mph winds and is rust resistant. Its hexagonal legs adjust to three different height settings.

8x8 Canopy - Frequently Asked Questions


What is the difference between the 8.5x8.5 Full Print Tent and 8.5x8.5 Compact Full Print Tent?

The frames are different styles. The 8x8 tent compact frame is lighter, and breaks down smaller. The compact frame weighs only 28lbs for this size and collapses down to 48in x 9in x 9in, over 10 inches less in length when broken down compared to our other frames.

What is the difference between the Logo Print and the Full Print Tent?

The logo print tent, also known as the area print tent, allows customers to print their brand or logo only in specified areas of the 8x8 canopy tent. On the full print tent, customers can print custom across all peaks and valances with their design.

What material is the 8x8 canopy made from?

The canopies are made from a premium polyester that is flame-retardant, water-resistant, and extremely durable. It also has great lightfastness and is scratch and scuff proof.

Are 8x8 frames available without the canopy?

Yes! We do offer our tent frames separately from our canopies on our tent frames page.

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