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Advertising Flags

We offer custom outdoor advertising flags featuring your brand’s custom artwork, logo, or promotion. All custom orders are printed via dye-sublimation on a high-quality polyester material that is weather-resistant. We also carry numerous pre-designed advertising flags available at an economic price-point. Our custom advertising flags and banners are available in a wide range of sizes with optional hardware & accessories. All promotional flags are available in single-reverse and double-sided printing.

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Promotional Flags For Business Advertising

Flag advertising is one of the cheapest forms of promotion for your business, especially when it comes to getting your bang for your buck. According to a market research study from OAAA, companies that used promotional flags as part of their out-of-home advertising initiatives saw a 180% return: for every $1 they spent on out-of-home initiatives, they got $2.80 in sales.

So how do you use our display flags and banners to support your marketing efforts?

Custom Advertising Flags

All of our non-stock advertising flags and banners come with our design services as standard. Use our in-house design tool to build the artwork or logo that’s right for your company, then have it printed on custom outdoor flags in a variety of different shapes and sizes.

Being able to display your company’s slogans and graphics in the way that you originally meant to display them is hugely important. This ensures that your advertising efforts go off without a hitch, and we want to give you marketing flags that best suit your needs.

Outdoor Advertising Flags Work 24/7, Rain or Shine

Our custom outdoor advertising flags and banners come with all the hardware you need to set them up outside your business. Pick from several different base styles, including:

  • Ground spikes, stakes and screws
  • Cross bases with connectors
  • Base plates with thorns

All of our advertising banner flags are printed on our proprietary outdoor flag polyester material - a knitted polyester fabric. We designed it to offer not only brilliant color reproduction, but also durability due to the fact that it’s built for year-round use.

Custom Outdoor Flags That Assemble In Seconds

Each of our pole sets are designed to be assembled quickly and effortlessly. No tools are required for setup, so you don’t have to worry about breaking out the screwdriver each time you want to reposition it.

With the poles assembled, any advertising flag you want to use simply slides over the pole thanks to the pole sleeve that’s sewn into the fabric. Hook the fabric loop at the end of the pole sleeve onto the notch cut into the pole and you’re all set -- ready to start advertising.

Advertising Flags: Take Advantage of Vertical Space

Our feather flags and standard 3ft x 5ft flags are great if you’re looking to take advantage of the pre-existing available space that you already have. Both types of promotional flags are designed to go up vertically rather than horizontally, so you take up much less of your actual available advertising space.

Instead of taking up the horizontal space around your business -- areas like the parking lot and the space just outside the storefront -- the business flag is taking up vertical space. The vertical design is easy for traffic to spot when passing by.

Here’s an example. One of our best-selling custom outdoor flags, the medium feather flag, is more than 5 feet tall from the bottom of the material. If you wanted to get 5 feet of vertical advertising space any other way, it would cost you horizontal space -- something that these business flags and banners just don't do.

Which Advertising Flags Are Right for Me?

Choosing which style of promotional flag that would work best for your business advertising depends on what advertising you’re planning on doing. We offer several flags for advertising categories to suit a wide range of preferences and promotions:

Custom Flags

These are your standard landscape or portrait flags with a completely customizable design. Custom standard flags are perfect for professional and leisure use. Buy the promo flags alone or add on flagpole hardware to your order for installation.

Custom Feather Flags

Swooper style flags available in the classic feather shape or other no-wind shapes. The entire flag is personalized with your design. Navigate to our custom feather flag shapes, solid colors, hardware, and backpack flags from this page. These flags for business advertising are highly effective at attracting the attention of passersby, and informing them of the products and services your business provides.

Pre-printed Business Flags

Choose from a wide selection of stock message feather flags for your business or event. We have stock feather flags available for all kinds of industries and occasions. These business flags and banners are already printed, which means that they ship the same day if ordered by 1pm.

Restaurant Flags

Our pre-printed business flags designed specifically with restaurant-themed messages. Great advertising flag signs for placing in front of restaurants and food trucks to promote specialty food or drinks. These flag signs for businesses have same day shipping if ordered by 1pm.

Car Flags

Advertise from your car either in a parade, car lot, or on the highway. Our car flags connect to the car window and can be completely customized or printed in a solid color. We offer car flags for standstill displays and for highway use.

Stock Designs

Common designs for standard flags for businesses and homes, such as Open, Sale, POW MIA, and pirate flag prints. Stock design flags also come with optional hardware for handheld, mounted, or flagpole setup. These flags for business advertising do not require any production time for fast shipping.


Purchase a flagpole and get a custom flag with your order. Choose large standard aluminum poles, lightweight portable poles, or adjustable telescopic poles. Parts and hardware available to purchase separately.

Golf Flags

Promote your club or an organization on the golf course with these golf flags. Choose between fully custom, solid color, and numbered designs for your golf holes. Putting green and larger traditional flag sizes are available for our golf flags. These flags are durable enough for everyday use and are also great as advertising flags to promote sponsored tournaments.

Table & Desk Flags

Setup a small flag on your table or desk with these mini sized flags. Table and desk flags are perfect for work areas and as event decorations. Select standard, teardrop, and feather shapes to customize or get our stock USA table flag.

Garden Flags

Decorate your garden with custom or stock garden flags perfect for any yard. Optional garden flag stand is available to include with your order. These garden flags are available in custom designs or themed stock designs, such as seasonal prints.

International Flags

Setup the flag of your home country in front of your home or business by purchasing from our large selection of international flags. These banner flags also come with optional flagpole hardware. All our international flags ship the same day if they are ordered before 1pm.

State Flags

Celebrate your home state by placing these stock flags in front of your house or outside your business. We include designs for every state and each order includes optional hardware. Because these are stock designs, we offer same-day shipping on orders placed before 1pm.

Solid Color Feather Banners

Different from our custom or stock design feather flags, these feather banners are available in bright, solid colors that you choose from a list. Our blank feather flags are ready-made while solid colors are made-to-order. These promotional flags are available in premium shapes, as well.

Pennant String Flags

Showcase several designs or stock colors on a string of pennants. Choose from rectangular and triangular shapes and get up to four alternating designs or two alternating colors. You can also select your pennant size and how many you want on a string. These outdoor advertising flags are excellent at attracting the attention of passing traffic.

Pride Flags

Celebrate Pride Month or get the flag of your sexuality for outside your home or business. We offer standard rainbow color flags, as well as transgender, pansexual, and bisexual flags. Choose from several popular pride flag designs as standard flags, feather flags, and garden flags.

Accessories for Indoor & Outdoor Flags

Get everything you need to setup your custom advertising flags outdoors or indoors by adding on these accessories to your order, such as flagpoles, cords, hooks, and fringe. Find accessories you need for hanging and storing your marketing flags. Also purchase our 6ft flagpole and garden flag stand separately here.

No matter what you pick, our feather flags are great for when you want advertising flag signs that set up or stow away in minutes. They come in a number of different sizes. We offer size options ranging from extra small (1.3ft x 3.9ft), all the way up to extra large (2.8ft x 16.1ft).

If you need something in more of a traditional style, all of our 3ft x 5ft flags offer custom printing and one of several different mounting options to choose from:

  • The standard 6-foot handheld pole.
  • Wall mounts for above a door or other entrances.
  • Bracket mounts for attaching to tents or other structures.
  • 20-foot flag poles for when you want to fly your message outside your home or business.

The Vispronet Advantage

When you choose to get your promotional flags from Vispronet, you get a number of advantages that other companies just don’t offer.

Advertising Flags at the Lowest Possible Prices

We offer the lowest possible prices on all of our advertising flags. All of our pricing includes both the hardware and your choice of custom printed design. Just because you’re getting major-quality hardware and printing, that doesn’t mean that you have to pay major-quality prices.

Promotional Flag Design Services

If your current flag signage just isn't cutting it when it comes to generating the kind of interest that you need to sell your products, let us help. For just $60/hr, our team of designers can help you put together a design for your advertising flags that will having people lining up in front of your trade show booth to take a look at your products.

As part of our artwork checking service, all customers get 15 minutes of professional design time included to help ensure that their design looks the way they want it to look.

Same-Day Shipping

All of our promotional flags for sale can be shipped the same day they are ordered if both the custom design and hardware are ordered before 10 AM EST. If you are just ordering hardware, all orders ship the same day if ordered by 1 PM EST.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the turnaround time?

The standard turnaround time for our advertising flags is 3 business days, plus shipping. We offer rush production and expedited shipping options at checkout if you need your flags as soon as possible. To see an estimated delivery date, click on the “Estimate Delivery” button located at the top of every product page.

How do I design my flag?

We offer three easy design methods to choose from: Design Online, Upload Artwork, and Free Design Service. Each method is risk free and includes a free design proof with every order.

What file types do you accept?

We accept multiple different file types for your artwork including JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, PSD, AI, EPS, and SVG file types. We also accept Adobe® Photoshop® and Adobe® Illustrator® file types.

Why do businesses use advertising flags?

Companies use flag advertising to promote products, services, or events to potential customers or attendees. These business flags and banners are tall enough to be spotted in a crowd or from a distance, making them perfect advertisements like billboards or store signs. Flags, however, are easier for businesses to use for marketing because they are easily assembled, taken down, and transported to a new location or stored. Flags for business advertising are designed to be eye-catching so that they grab the attention of people nearby and spread brand awareness.

Do you offer business flags and banners with stock messages that are ready to ship?

Yes, we offer both custom advertising flags and stock flags. Our custom flags allow you to upload your own logo or artwork onto the material while stock designs include a common message already printed onto the material. Getting stock design flags allows your order to ship out faster because no production time is required. This is particularly helpful if you need your flag signs for business by a certain date. We offer pre-printed business feather flags, standard flag designs, seasonal garden flags, state and country flags, and much more in stock designs.

Will I be able to travel with these flags?

Yes, one of the reasons businesses like using flags to promote their brand or event is because they are easily setup, taken down, transported, and stored. Flags and their hardware are lightweight enough to be carried from one location to another. The hardware usually comes in a set where some assembly is required, often without tools. This makes their travel and storage size compact enough for car trunks, closets, and basements.

How do your free design services work?

If you would like to use our free design services option for custom flags, select the “Proceed to Artwork” button after you are done configuring your product and click on the “Let Us Design It For You” option. A form will pop up for you to fill out with any design instructions or files you wanted included in the template. One of our graphic designers will craft your flag template from your files or instructions and send you an artwork proof to look over in an email. If you approve of the design or need something to be changed, let us know. When the design is approved, we will print your custom marketing flags.

How tall are the banner flags after setup?

It depends on what kind of flag and hardware you select. If you are interested in finding out the size of the flag or the hardware, we have a Specifications chart on each product page that includes the dimensions of the flag and the flag when assembled. Our standard flags come in a variety of sizes that you can choose from, including custom sizes.

What shapes do your advertising flags come in?

Once again, this depends on which product you choose. Most of our flag signs for business come in the standard 3x5 look, while our feather flags are available in a range of sizes, which include the classic swooper look, as well as teardrop, rectangular, and razor shapes. Click here to see our premium shapes for our custom feather flags.

What’s the difference between a feather flag and a standard flag?

A standard flag comes in a rectangular shape and is often sized at 3x5. Feather flags, on the other hand, come in a swoop shape. Standard flags require wind to show off the full design while feather flags are created to showcase the whole message on the flag without the need for wind. Feather flags are more commonly seen in front of businesses and at event entrances while standard flags are the kind you see on large flagpoles in front of buildings and homes.

Printing Specs

What type of printing is used for the designs?

Our advertising flags and banners are made from polyester fabric, which means that we use a dye-sublimation printing method. This is an effective printing technique that creates striking, detailed colors that will not scratch or peel off when exposed to outdoor weather. This print is also easier and more durable to clean. We print our flags in full CMYK color, which lets you include as many colors or details in your design as you want without it affecting the final price.

Are these promotional flags for sale single or double-sided?

Our custom outdoor flags for advertising come in either a single-reverse or double-sided option. Due to the thru-print of the polyester material, we offer single-reverse layouts, which is the format seen on state and country flags. We print the design on one side of the material and the mirror image bleeds through to the other side. This keeps the feather flag lightweight while allowing the design to be visible from both sides. The reverse image, however, usually appears faded and any text will also be in reverse.

The double-sided option is more expensive of the two but allows the design to be printed correctly on both sides. We print the design on two pieces of material and sew them together with a liner in between to prevent light from shining through. This is a great option for text-heavy designs, but keep in mind that the material will be heavier due to the double print.

Materials and Durability

What material are the outdoor promotional flags and banners made from?

Our flags are made from an outdoor flag polyester, which is tear-resistant due to the knitted fabric. The knitted material prevents the personalized outdoor flags and banners from getting ruined in wind, rain, and other weather conditions. This flag material also has a great thru print, which makes it easier to print on both sides.

How long will these flags last?

These flags are designed to last for 2+ years, with proper care and maintenance. We recommend taking the flags indoors during severe weather and extremely high winds, to avoid damaging the flag.

Will these promotional flags fade in direct sunlight?

There should be no fading in the short term. However, the sun will fade products over an extended period of time, especially if the banner flags are left outdoors in direct sunlight continuously. To prevent any fading, remove your flags from direct sunlight when not in use.

Will the rain affect my custom design?

No, the rain will not affect your custom design, whatsoever. Because we print using dye sublimation, the products are fade-resistant, and are safe to get wet. In fact, we recommend cleaning your outdoor advertising flags with water to keep them in pristine condition.

How much wind can these advertising flag signs stand?

The flag itself can withstand a lot of wind, but the wind rating depends on the hardware used. For instance, our standard pole set for feather flags has a wind rating of 30mph for single-sided or 17mph for double-sided while the premium pole set holds up in 63mph winds for single-sided flags and 46mph winds for double-sided flags. Our aviation-grade fiberglass pole sets have a higher wind rating than our other pole sets and hardware options.

Finishings and Accessories

What pole sets come with your advertising flags and banners?

Most custom and stock feather flags allow you to choose between our standard and premium pole sets. The standard pole set is perfect for indoor or light outdoor use due to its aluminum and fiberglass construction. The premium pole set is built for heavier duty outdoors because of its aviation-grade fiberglass material. Our standard flags come with several pole options. Select either a hand-held pole, wall or pole-mounted hardware, or a large flagpole that stands 20ft off the ground. Click on our other products to see what hardware is included or optional with your order.

Can I just get the hardware or the print?

Yes, our advertising flag signs come with the option for hardware only or print only orders. In our product configurator, there will be a question for what type of pole set or hardware you want to add to your order, with an option for none if you just want the flag print. The answer will either be in a dropdown or a thumbnail with a giant X. If you just want the hardware, our flagpoles and accessories are available as separate products.

Setup and Installation

Can I set these flags by myself?

Yes, these advertising flags and banners can be assembled and installed by one person.

How are these custom marketing flags set up?

Flag setup depends on what type of flag you purchase. Most of our flags are installed without tools and come with everything needed for assembly. For instance, our feather flags come with a pole set that clicks together and connects to base hardware. If you need help figuring how to setup your flags, look at our “Videos” tab on each product page to view a step-by-step guide.

Care Instructions

How do I clean the banner flags?

All our flags are easy to clean because they are made from durable material. You should, however, be cautious with how you wash your flags to avoid ruining the prints. Our promotional flags for sale are made from an outdoor flag polyester, which can be washed in a machine, but some precautions need to be taken. Make sure you use warm water and a low setting. Do not use detergent that has bleach in it. You should not dry the flag in a machine, but, instead, hang the flag to dry. Avoid folding the flag when the material is wet. You can use a steamer if you need to remove wrinkles.

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