Custom Flags

Create custom flags for your business, home, organization, or event at incredible wholesale prices! We offer a variety of inexpensive flags available in numerous styles and sizes with multiple finishing options. All our flags are printed via dye sublimation to showcase your design or logo in unlimited rich, vibrant colors. They are constructed from a durable, UV-resistant polyester material for extra durability. Start your order today!

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Why Order Custom Flags from Vispronet?

Our premium flags are perfect for a range of applications including real estate, retail stores, shows, job fairs, sporting and tailgating events, schools and local government buildings, among many others. No matter what application you need a custom flag for, Vispronet is sure to carry every finishing option and accessory you may possibly need.

Print and Material Quality: All our flags and banners are printed on high quality and durable polyester using the dye sublimation printing method. This advanced printing style produces exquisite, bold, high definition prints sure to draw the eyes of any passerby. This printing process also makes for dramatically less fading long term compared to inferior printing methods.

Custom Sizing: In addition to standard sizes we offer ranging from 1.0ft x 0.5ft to 40.0ft x 5.0ft, we also offer custom sizes for our traditional flags. Choose “Enter Your Own Size” from the size dropdown. Custom flags must have a minimum width and a height of 12in each. Our custom feather signs are available in multiple sizes ranging from our 4ft XXS design all the way up to our 17ft XL option. 

Custom Finishing Options: Aside from high quality printing and material, Vispronet also offers more finishing options than our competitors. These finishing options include flag orientation, an array of finishing accessories, and your option for single-reverse or double-sided print. 

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Custom Flag Design Options

When designing a custom flag on Vispronet, there are multiple finishing options to choose from.

Orientation: All our custom flag sizes are available in landscape or portrait orientation for no extra cost to you. 

Finishing accessories: Our flags are available with several different finishing accessories including pole sleeves, grommets, header tape, and wrapped header tape. Each of these finishing options are available free of charge no matter what size or style you choose.

Material layout: You have the choice between a Single Reverse and Double-Sided print options. The Single-Reverse style involves printing on one side and bleeding the ink through be visible from the rear side. This style makes the design appear reversed on the rear side. This is the most popular style of flag printing.The Double-Sided style involves producing two separate prints and sewing them together with a piece of blocker fabric in between to prevent any transparency or bleeding. This style displays deeper colors, especially in high light applications

3 Ways to Design Your Own Flag Online

We offer three different ways for you to design and order custom flags online. These options include:

1. Proprietary Design tool: This tool allows you to upload images and to add whatever artwork or designs you may need. There are a wide variety of stock images, art assets, fonts and color schemes to choose from. Help is always available via chat during your design experience that can answer any questions you may have along the way.

2. Upload Your Artwork Template: You also have the option to upload your artwork via template to be approved by our professional designers. This process involves customers downloading the appropriate template from our site, applying their artwork or design to it using professional design software, and reuploading it to our site. The uploaded templated design is then checked by our designer team and sent back to the customer for final approval.

3. Custom Design Services: If you’d rather not deal with the hassle involved in creating your own custom flag design, let us do it for you! Every one of our orders comes with 15 minutes of free custom design service by an experienced professional designer, so that we can check over your uploaded artwork and ensure that there are no glaring errors or mistakes. For more extensive designing, our professional design team will create your artwork from scratch and check in with you to ensure that it’s exactly what you’re looking for, for the low price of $60/hr.

Custom Flags - Frequently Asked Questions

What material are these made of?

Our custom flags are made from our outdoor flag polyester material, a lightweight polyester that is designed to be scratch-resistant and UV-resistant. This material is designed for extended outdoor use wet or dry conditions.

What’s the lifespan of this material?

Regarding the lifespan of the print and material, customers can generally expect over 6 months of use, plus or minus some time depending on factors such as air pollution, severity of weather, lightfastness level, and material composition. In order to get the most out of their product, we recommend that customers perform general maintenance, such as washing, trimming, reinforcing and re-hemming every 8 - 12 weeks (3 months).

How are my graphics printed?

Graphics are printed onto flags using a printing method known as dye sublimation. With dye sublimation printing, the material is heated and then inked or dyed with each color needed to create the finished image, one layer at a time.

Are your custom flags printed single-sided or double-sided?

Single-reverse style is standard, but for an additional fee, you can opt for double-sided printing.

When we print double-sided, you’re not limited to just one image or graphic like you are with a single-reverse printing style. The use of a piece of blocking fabric between the two sides of the flag means that you can print anything you want on either side without having to worry about it bleeding through to the other side.

How will the weather affect my flag?

The material is UV-resistant and printed using dye sublimation. This means that the rain and sun won’t wear them down.

Do you offer kits? Is a flagpole included with purchase?

We do offer flagpoles as an optional accessory. For an additional fee, you can purchase one of the four pole options listed below:

  • 6ft handheld - for use in parades and similar events.
  • 6ft wall mount - for use outside homes and businesses.
  • 6ft pole-mount with steel bands for mounting on street poles.
  • A 20ft standard pole for flying your flag outside schools or residences.

 We offer other, additional flagpoles, including:

  • Portable flagpoles.
  • Aluminum poles with stake bases, car bases, cross stands and base plates.
  • Telescoping poles with car bases, water bases, cross stands and base plates..

Do you offer grommets or pole sleeves?

We offer both grommets and pole sleeves under the finishing tab in the product configurator.

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