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Vispronet offers a large selection of semi-permanent and portable flagpole bases that work seamlessly for an array of indoor and outdoor applications. Our flagpole bases include our ground screws and stakes, cross stands, plates, car tire attachments, and water filled flag bases. Most base options are crafted from powder coated steel and offer optional weight bags that can add up to 100lbs of additional weight to keep your flag stable and secure.

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Ground Stakes
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Ground Screw
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Cross Stand Standard with included Bearing
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Cross Stand Water with Thorn and fold out feet
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Car Base Deluxe with Connector
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Cross Stand XXL Base Set
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Weight Bag 26lbs
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Secure Your Portable Flagpoles with Flag Pole Bases

Just like our popular feather flag series, our portable flagpoles are designed to simply slide on top of several possible base options, providing a simple but secure way to support your flag. We carry several types of flag pole bases to accommodate different flagpole sizes and a wide range of indoor and outdoor locations. Available portable flagpole bases include such options as ground screws or ground stakes, which push into dirt, grass, or sand for support. The car bases, on the other hand, use the weight of a tire to hold them in place on hard or soft surfaces. For indoor displays, popular choices are cross stands or low-profile base plates, which suit hard, flat flooring. No matter which bases you choose, they are all made from the best material so that they last a long time and are strong enough to support your flag for repeated use.

Types of Portable Flag Pole Bases

It is important to know where you will be placing your portable flagpoles when you are selecting which base to use. Here are the types of bases to pair with portable flagpoles in different settings:

Ground Stakes: If you are securing your portable flagpoles in soft ground, such as grass, sand, or dirt, use one of our ground stakes. The spike end of the ground stakes pushes into the soil while the top section connects to the bottom of the flagpole. Ground stakes are the most common outdoor flag pole stand when using feather flag pole kits.

Cross Stands: These flat stands are a popular choice for hard ground, such as pavement, asphalt, or indoor flooring. Cross stands stabilize the entire flagpole with the addition of weight bags that stack on top of the base.

Base Plates: These flag pole base plates have a flat bottom that makes them ideal for flat indoor or outdoor surfaces. The bottom of the pole connects to the top of the flag pole base and more weight can be distributed by adding weight bags.

Car Bases: Both indoor and outdoor car displays in car lots, dealerships, and shows, utilize these displays to setup portable flagpoles near a car. The base is secured by a car tire that stabilizes the entire flagpole. We carry standard and deluxe options.

Water Bases: These flagpole bases are designed to work like our weight bags, but they have more storage space for better security. Water bases fill up with either water or sand so that they support the entire flagpole. These bases pair with cross stands or base plates.

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