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Puerto Rico Flag

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  • Display your Puerto Rican pride with this high-quality 3 x 5 flag
  • Vibrant colors are visible from both sides thanks to single-reverse printing
  • Made from durable, outdoor-tested polyester fabric
  • Standard grommets and header tape for easy mounting
  • Select flag only or add on a 6ft or 20ft flagpole kit
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Puerto Rico Flag Details

Let your friends and neighbors see your pride in Puerto Rico by displaying the Puerto Rican flag for all to see. Whether you are currently living in Puerto Rico, used to, or have family from there, these flags are great for hanging up inside or outside your home, business, or at an event. The bright colors of Puerto Rico are easy to see from a roadside or sidewalk so that these flags catch the eye of all passersby. Our Puerto Rico flag for sale comes in the standard 3ft x 5ft size, which is the perfect size for indoor and outdoor setups. They are the perfect height for walking around in a parade, as decorations for a patriotic holiday, or as décor in your home or store. Use these flags as often as you want and share your love for Puerto Rico.

Parts List:

  • Pre-printed flag
  • Optional flagpole of your choice


  • Outdoor Flag Polyester: Tear-resistant lightweight knitted fabric with excellent thru-print (3.25oz/yd²)


Model Part Number Size Weight Includes
Flag Only DI7052 5ft x 3ft 0.4lbs Pre-printed flag
Flag & Hand-Held Flagpole DI0650 6ft 2.1lbs Pre-printed flag
Tangle-free aluminum flagpole
Removable black handle
Flag & Wall-Mounted Flagpole DI0653 6ft 2.9lbs Pre-printed flag
Tangle-free aluminum flagpole
Removable black handle
180° adjustable wall mount

Puerto Rico Flags for Sale

The Puerto Rican flags that we sell are made to last for repeated use in any type of environment. The flag design is printed on high-quality polyester material. The polyester fabric is knitted so that it is tear-resistant and weather-resistant. Leave your flag setup in the rain, snow, heat, and wind without the flag getting torn. We also use dye-sublimation printing, which is an effective technique that creates vivid, stand-out colors that will not scratch or peel off, even outdoors. The flag design has a single-reverse layout, which means we print the design on one side of the flag and the ink bleeds through to the other side of the material. The print and material are durable enough to last you a long time, even in constantly changing weather.

Hardware Options

We offer four different flagpole options for installing your Puerto Rico flag for sale. If you are using this flag for a special occasion, such as a parade, or want to secure your flag on your front porch, then add on some optional hardware to your order to complete the setup.

6ft Hand-held pole: Are you holding the flag in a parade or during Puerto Rican Flag Day? The hand-held pole is for holding the flag up or over your shoulder. The 6ft aluminum pole comes with a removable black handle so that you can comfortably carry your flag for as long as you need.

Wall-mounted flagpole: Will you be attaching your flag to your front porch, at your shop entrance, or right outside your building? The wall-mounted flagpole option allows you to secure the flag to a flat surface. The aluminum flagpole can be adjusted to 180°, accommodating different settings.

Pole-mounted flagpole: Will your whole town like to celebrate Puerto Rico for a holiday? Using a pole-mounted flagpole allows you to connect the flag to a street pole. The aluminum flagpole comes with steel bands for wrapping around the street poles. The mount is also adjustable to 180°.

Ground-mounted flagpole: What if you want to assembly your flag on a large pole outside of your home or building? We also offer a large 20ft flagpole that sets up in the ground, making it perfect for front lawns. The aluminum flagpole includes a PVC tube for installing the display in your yard.

Puerto Rico Flag History

The flag that we now associate with Puerto Rico was not always the flag of the commonwealth. There were several different flags of Puerto Rico. A Puerto Rican flag can be traced back to when Christopher Columbus came to the island in 1492. Columbus used the Royal Flag, which was known as the Kingdom of Castile Flag while his ship’s captains used Columbus’s own ship flag on the island. The Kingdom of Castile flag was designed to represent both Castile and Leon with two castles and two lions. Columbus’s flag was known as Captain’s Ensign of Columbus’s Ships. The flag’s design included an “X” and “Y” with crowns above them and a green cross in the middle.

Soon, the flag was changed from the Columbus flag and the Kingdom of Castile flag to the Spanish Burgundy Cross Flag. This flag was used when the island of Puerto Rico was conquered by Juan Ponce de León for Spain. Puerto Rico became an island for Spain’s military and the Spanish Burgundy Cross Flag flew wherever the military was established. The Flag of Spain and all its updates were also flown in Puerto Rico while it was a territory of the country. An original Puerto Rican flag design was not established until 1868 when Puerto Rico had an uprising against the Spanish government. The flag that symbolized this movement was known as El Grito de Lares Flag and it had a white cross, red and blue squares, and a white star in the top left corner. The flag was designed by Dr. Ramon Emeterio Betances, one of the leaders of the revolution. While the uprising failed in its attempt to free the island from Spain and several of the revolutionaries were exiled to New York.

First Puerto Rican Flag

The current design was made in 1892 when it was presented to the Puerto Rican Revolutionary Committee in New York City, where several members of the original uprising lived. The real designer of the flag is up to interpretation. Francisco Gonzalo Marín has been given credit for some of the flag’s design because a letter from the time references him as the creator. Others who have been credited with the design include Antonio Vélez Alvarado who was referenced in a Cuban revolutionary newspaper, Committee member Manuel Besosa because his daughter sewed the flag, and Lola Rodríguez de Tió who was inspired by the Cuba flag. Whoever designed it, the Puerto Rican flag was first officially used in 1895 during a gathering of Puerto Ricans in Manhattan to advertise the independence of the island. The flag became a national symbol of the island and was later used during the successful revolt for independence in 1897. The flag was also used to protest the U.S. becoming involved in the island in 1898 and was outlawed until 1952 when the island became a commonwealth of the U.S., the same year the flag was officially adopted by Puerto Rico.

Black Flag

A black version of the Puerto Rican flag has surfaced in recent years. The flag began showing up in 2016 when it was used as a symbol of the island’s independence. The design of the flag was created when members of the group Artists in Solidarity and Resistance painted over the classic Puerto Rican flag design on a door in black and white instead of the traditional red, blue, and white. The black flag was used to protest any signs of colonialism from the U.S., such as the Puerto Rico Oversight, Management, and Economic Stability Act, which included a board of people not approved of by the people of the island. The design continues to turn up on merchandise.

What the Puerto Rican Flag Represents

The Puerto Rican flag has been compared to the flags of Cuba and Texas. The flag was designed with red and white stripes and a blue triangle with a white star. The use of stars and stripes has even been compared to the American flag, but it was not the inspiration behind the flag’s design. Its design was meant to be like the Cuban flag. The revolutionaries of Puerto Rico had close connections to those in Cuba and the flag was created in the same style of Cuba’s flag with the colors reversed. The Cuban flag has blue and white stripes and a red triangle compared to Puerto Rico’s red and white stripes and blue triangle. The blue triangle on the flag originally was a lighter shade of blue, but when the flag was officially adopted in 1952, the triangle was made a darker color to be like the United States flag colors. The blue triangle was changed back to a sky blue color in 1995 when a regulation for how the flag was to be used was created. Puerto Rican flags with either sky blue triangles or the darker blue triangles are both still common.

Puerto Rico Flag Colors

The colors and symbols and their placement on the Puerto Rican flag have their own meaning about the island and its history:

Red: The three red stripes stand for the blood of those who fought for Puerto Rico.

White: Since there are two white stripes, one stands victory and the other is for peace after they gained independence.

Blue: The blue triangle in the corner represents the blue sky and the blue sea surrounding the island.

Star: The white star in the middle of the blue triangle refers to the island of Puerto Rico in the middle of the sea.


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