Custom Sports Tents

Tents serve as the headquarters for most sporting events. They’re used to shelter the players, coaches, fans, and help solicit information, raffles, and sponsorships. Displaying your team’s logo on the canopy and valances of a branded sports tent is the perfect way to represent your club, school, or professional organization.

Show your competition who’s boss with a printed sports tent to keep them warm, dry and playing at their best.

Custom team tents are something that more and more sports fanatics and teams – whether they’re amateur, regional or professional – are investing in. When it comes to buying a tent for your team, make sure you’re getting something that is able to endure continual use while at the same time remaining versatile enough to fill multiple roles – going from a team tent to equipment storage to a medical tent in a matter of minutes.

Below are just a few of our customers’ favorite categories:

Football Tents

Soccer Tents



The construction.

All of our tents are built from powder-coated steel or anodized aluminum to make sure that they’re rugged enough to stand up to whatever your team can throw at them without being too unwieldy to transport.

The sports canopy.

All of our sports canopies are constructed from our Sundeco polyester material. At 6 oz per square yard, Sundeco is lightweight while still being waterproof, scratchproof and flame-retardant.

If you’re looking to blow away the competition at your next sporting event without blowing away your budget, a sports tent from Vispronet is the way to go. Our tents are available in several sizes, including 8 x 8, 10 x 10, 10 x 15, 10 x 20 and more!