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10x10 Canopy Tents

Our 10x10 canopy tent sets the standard for compact, portable event tents. No matter what you're using it for, our 10x10 tents are unrivaled when it comes to durability, stability and ease–of–assembly. Features include:

  • Woven polyester canopies in full or logo print options
  • Canopy & optional 10x10 tent walls are easy to setup, change or tear down
  • Single–sided, double–sided and stock color wall options
  • Canopy features water & flame–retardant polyester material
  • Dye sublimation print prevents design from scratching off

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Using A 10x10 Canopy Tent to Bring Attention to Your Business

A custom 10x10 tent from Vispronet® helps your business stand out at any one of the events that you attend. Our high–quality printing methods and the flame-retardant polyester 10 x 10 canopy we print on means that your business’s branding looks crisp, clean and inviting, while still being built to last.

There are a number of ways you can use 10x10 tents to bring attention to your business when you head out to shows.

A 10x10 Canopy with Sides Lets You Stand Out by Letting Your Attendees Step In

First and foremost, using a custom 10x10 canopy tent can help you stand out from your competitors by giving your potential customers a place to regroup, recharge and get away from the convention crowd — especially if you use the optional walls to block in a little oasis of peace and quiet for any attendees that might walk by.

By using a 10x10 tent with sides to define your space, you’ve given your attendees a place to relax and recharge — not just themselves, but their batteries as well. Having chargers set up for all the different mobile phones on the market will make it so that attendees will be flocking to you when their phones start to die.

Throw in Wi–Fi and free coffee, and you’re good to go.

Look Sharp by Looking Smooth with a 10x10 Tent

No matter what other amenities you offer, the first thing potential customers are going to judge your tent on is its appearance. Make sure that your 10 x 10 tent canopy looks as crisp and as clean as possible — it's the best way to get potential customers to come to you.

They say a company's marketing materials should be an extension of itself — and that applies to the trade show booth it brings to a show. Customize your trade show booth with one of the several options we have available in order to truly personalize your 10x10 canopy tent.

10x10 Canopy Options

Choose from three different 10 x 10 tent styles:

Economy Tent


Collapsible steel 10x10 tent frame with 1.2" square legs (0.04" leg material thickness)

Display size:
(W x D x H)

10.0' x 10.0' x 10.8'–11.5'


Cream white


45.0 lbs

Basic Tent


Collapsible steel tent frame with 1.6" hexagonal legs (0.04" leg material thickness) and rooftop crank adjustment

Display size:
(W x D x H)

10.0' x 10.0' x 10.2'–11.0'




60.0 lbs

Deluxe Tent


Collapsible aluminum tent frame with 1.6" hexagonal legs (0.05" leg material thickness) and rooftop crank adjustment

Display size:
(W x D x H)

10.0' x 10.0' x 9.8'–10.8'




40.0 lbs

Once you've picked out your 10x10 canopy tent, choose from full–printed walls, walls with doors and windows, half walls or stock walls. Other tent 10x10 accessories include banners, drapes, bows, flags awnings and gutters.

Frequently Asked Questions

Where do people typically display 10x10 tents?

10 x 10 tents are the most popular canopy sizes on the market. A 10x10 canopy tent is versatile because it offers a lot of room but does not take up too much space to accommodate different settings. Common places where you see these tents are at trade shows, farmers’ markets, town fairs and festivals, and at sport games. Both big and small businesses use these tents to display their brand name and/or a message for potential customers and passersby to see.

What material do you use for the 10x10 canopy tents?

Our custom printed 10x10 canopies come in 300D Polyester, which is a long-lasting fabric that is weather-resistant, scratch-proof, and flame-retardant. This 10x10 tent material is ideal for both indoor and outdoor use. We use the same type of fabric on such products as our stain-resistant table covers and some of our fabric banners.

If you are getting a stock color canopy, we use a 450D Solid Color Polyester, which is also water-resistant for outdoor use, but has a polyurethane coating. This fabric is also long-lasting so that your 10 x 10 canopy can survive multiple events.

What material do you use for the 10x10 canopy tent frames? How durable are they?

All our 10 by 10 tents frames are durable but differ when it comes to what they are made from. Both the Economy and Basic tent frames use steel, but the steel we use for the Basic version is more long-lasting than the Economy one. Our Deluxe and Pavilion frames are made from even stronger aluminum material, which is resistant to rusting. You should base your decision on where the tent will be displayed and for how long. The aluminum options are better equipped for long-term use in outdoor locations while the steel frames are more affordable.

How do I upload graphics for my 10x10 canopy with sides?

We have three methods for creating your 10x10 tent canopy graphics:

Design Online: Go to our design suite online to customize the 10 x 10 canopy template. In our design tool, you can upload photos and business logos without leaving our site.

Upload Artwork Template: Download the 10 by 10 canopy template to personalize on your computer software program. When you are done, upload the graphics on our site.

Free Design Services: Let us know if you need help designing your 10x10 canopy tent. Our graphic designers can create a print for free and send it to you for your approval.

What kind of printing do you use for the 10x10 canopies?

We use a popular dye sublimation method for printing the canopies. This creates striking, full color designs that last a long time. The ink is implemented into the fabric for smooth, durable prints that can withstand any location you place the 10x10 tent with sides.

How long will it take for me to get my 10x10 canopy tent?

Once you approve the artwork print, a custom tent set takes a few days of production time to ship. This also depends on how many tents you order. Our stock canopies ship the same day you order them if they are purchased by 1pm EST. You can choose how quickly you want your 10x10 event tent to ship by going to our “Delivery Estimator” in the top right of the product pages. Here, you can enter your address to see what shipping options you have available. We offer rush shipping options if you need your 10 x 10 tent in a hurry.

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