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Banner Hangers

We offer a wide array of banner hangers, clips, hooks and accessories so you can hang your banner permanently or temporarily. All banner accessories have undergone vigorous quality-control tests to ensure these products are capable of keeping your banner displayed when you need it most. Click a product below to learn more about it.

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Banner Hangers for Easy Installation

Simply install your banners on walls and banner stands or from the ceiling with our various hanging accessories. These banner clips and bungees are easy to use and are available at great values. We have different accessories to accommodate a range of methods for hanging your banners. If you need to attach your custom vinyl banners to hardware or from a ceiling, our bungee cords and hooks connect to the banner through the grommet finishing. If your banner does not have grommets, we also carry banner clips that clasp over the sides of the banner. Banner hanging clips and accessories are vital to ensure your display stays in place and is safely secured. All our banner hangers have been tested with our series of banners to make sure that we offer the best, hassle-free solutions. In addition to our banner hangers, we also carry decorative fringe for sewing onto your banner and portable carry bags for traveling and storing your prints.

Ways to Hang a Vinyl Banner

These accessories are for installing banners in several different ways. It is important to use the proper installation for whatever finishing you have on your banner. You should also be familiar with how long your banner is so that you know how many grommets to use.

Learn about different ways you can hang up your banners by viewing our blog post about how to hang a vinyl banner.

Types of Banner Hangers & Grommets

We have the option for adding grommets to the four corners of your banner or, if the banner is particularly long, every 1.5ft of material. The following banner hangers attach to the grommets and the hanging hardware.

Rope or Cords

Our banners include a polyester cord for setup. Rope is a go-to for hanging the banner on walls, fences, building sides, and more. The rope or cord loops through each grommet and ties to the hardware, such as a pole or pillar. Make sure to use a binding knot so the rope does not get untied.

Bungee Cords

People like using bungee cords because they are like using rope and cords, except they stretch to remain taught and secure, but do not require knots. Bungees loop through the grommets and the edges of the fabric and then they are connected to a structure using hooks.

Suction Cups

If you plan on hanging your banner on glass, such as on a window, suction cups are a perfect choice. The grommet goes over the pin and hook connected to the suction cup. The cup then attaches to the glass.

Carabiners and Snap Hooks

If you have a hardware set for hanging your banner, carabiners and hooks are great for connecting the banner and the set. The banner hooks and carabiners attach to each of the grommets. Use cords to connect the banner clips to the hardware set.

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