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Trade Show Counters

Stand out at your next event and spread brand awareness with custom trade show counters. Our portable counters and podiums exhibit your brand or logo through vibrant, full-color graphics printed on premium knitted polyester or vinyl. All graphics are interchangeable so you can easily swap out visuals for each trade show or event. Choose from multiple budget-friendly counter and podium styles that are designed for maximum portability and a quick and easy setup process. Select a product below to start you online design.

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Portable Counter Straight 3 Color Icon for Promo Counter
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Portable Podium Stand 3 Color Icon for Promo Counter
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Portable Counter Oval 3 Color Icon for Promo Counter
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Portable Counter Magnet 3 Color Icon for Promo Counter
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How to Use Trade Show Counters

We've all been there. You’re at a trade show or conference. You’ve got your display all set up, your staff’s ready to go, but you’ve got no real way to hold any items you might give away or to distribute literature. What do you do? With the storage and display space offered by one of our counters, you can:

  • Distribute literature, like pamphlets or spec sheets.
  • Feature games at your trade show booth in order to attract customers.
  • Network, conduct negotiations and make sales.
  • Promote your brand.

Our trade show counters give our clients the ability to connect with their customers on a personal level. A portable display table gives you and your staff a place where they can be more open and approachable to potential customers. Turn your booth into a marketing monster by pairing it with one of our brochure holders or some portable furniture.

Benefits of Displaying Trade Show Counters

So you want to provide you and your employees with a way to better engage with potential customers, but you’re not sure what other benefits there are?

  • At just under 1.5ft wide at their smallest, our promotional counters take up very little space while still providing you with a large amount of surface area.
  • Push-down design makes taking them down a snap – no fiddling with hooks or buttons to delay your trade show departure.
  • Included fabric can be custom-printed – show your company’s logo, slogan or even a specific product.
  • Combine with our trade show literature racks for the ultimate trade show experience.

Our counters and podiums are available in a number of different styles and design options, from simple circular portable counter podiums to ovals, rectangles and even the C shape of our magnetic promo counter. So whether you’re a seasoned trade show vet or this is your first time attending a trade show, we’ve got a trade show counter that’ll suit your needs.

Trade Show Counter Styles

We offer our portable trade show counters in a variety of shapes and styles, so we often get people asking what the difference is between the different models. Here’s a breakdown of our most common models.

Oval Portable Counters

The oval version is a great place to store literature, merchandise or freebies – anything you plan to give out to customers. Why? Not only does our oval counter feature a 3ft by 1.7ft tabletop to give you plenty of table space, but there are two pairs of table shelves underneath the tabletop itself – perfect for storing all your items.

Much like our portable podiums, takedown is easy. Separate the top from the display wrap, remove the center shelf from inside the display, remove the shelf rods from inside and around the display wrap, and roll the display wrap up. The display wrap goes inside one bag. The display top, display bottom and inside shelf go inside the other.

Portable Podium Stands

A great option for conferences or other events where you have to speak to an audience. Each podium stands three feet tall, making it the perfect height to stand behind and speak. With a diameter of 1.4 feet, this podium is capable of holding your notes and anything else you’d need to make your presentation a successful one.

Need more storage space?

The hollow inside of this trade show counter is perfect for holding other items inside, like literature, charts or anything else that won’t fit on the main display space. When it comes time to pack up, teardown is easy – disconnect the display wrap from the top and bottom pieces and then put the top and bottom in one case and the display wrap in the other. The display wrap rolls for easy storage and transport: the top and bottom pieces fit snugly together in another case to make them easy to carry.

Magnetic Portable Counter

The magnetic version is constructed from a metal frame with supporting bars – assembly is a snap, literally. Pull the frame apart until it extends outward and then begin slotting the bars in place. Once all the bars are in place, the display wrap adheres to frame thanks to the included magnetic strips.

Like the oval portable counter, this trade show counter also includes a shelving unit in the center of the display.

Straight Trade Show Counter

The “classic” version, this is the trade show display counter that all the others take their cues from. Like the magnetic version of our portable counter, this one also comes from a collapsible frame – except, in this case, the display wrap is already attached to the frame. Extend it outward and connect the wrap to the sides of the frame, which provides a great base for the any one of the countertop options -- it's available in black, white or wood grain options.

No matter which display you get, all of them are customizable with their own graphics. Options include a wrap-around attachment or a stretch display cover.

You have to make your booth stand out, no matter which one you choose. With a portable counter from Vispronet, you’re guaranteed to increase the effectiveness of your marketing campaigns at a budget-friendly price – giving your customers a place to meet and interact with you is trade show success 101. Make your presentations more memorable with one of our trade show counters – or pair it with any one of our event accessories to make the most out of your next event.

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