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Farmers Market Tents

Find the perfect farmers market tent for your next outdoor event! Design a canopy printed with your custom branding to help your business stand out from the competition. Choose from two customizable styles: All over print and logo print. Stock color canopies are available in white, black, blue, green, and red. Our tent frames are made outdoor-tested steel or aluminum materials to withstand years of repeated use. Multiple wall styles and accessories are available to create the ideal farmers market tent for your business.

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Farmers Market Tents Help Your Business Stand Out

Finding the right farmers market tent can make all the difference when it comes to marketing your business to customers. Whether you are selling produce from your farm, or clay pots from your home studio, a professional quality farmers market canopy can prove vital to the success of your business. A customized or personalized tent will help your brand stand out among a sea of competitors and can bring more foot traffic into your booth. Branded tents not only showcase your business in a professional light, but they also protect your goods and customers from the sun and rain. Choosing a durable and easy-to-set-up canopy tent can make your life easier as a vendor and improve the prospects of your business.

Custom Farmers Market Tents vs. Stock Color Canopies

Read below to see how a farmers market tent from Vispronet can be a great investment for your small business. All canopy styles are offered with your choice of three commercial grade tent frames.

Customized Canopy Styles

Customized farmers market tents allow you to personalize each peak and valance of the canopy with your custom branding or design. While stock tents are typically the most popular canopy style featured at markets, custom canopies can be more beneficial for businesses looking to separate themselves from competitors. Custom farmers market tents are excellent at spreading brand awareness which in turn can positively impact marketing efforts, consumer perception, and brand loyalty. When customers become more familiar with your brand, they are more likely to become repeat customers, and more likely to recommend your business to others.

  • Stand out among competitors
  • Easy to spot from every direction
  • Spreads brand awareness
  • Offers versatility for other events
  • Enhances professional appearance
  • Match custom walls & accessories

Custom Farmers Market Tent

Stock Canopy Styles

Stock color canopies are another option for vendors displaying at markets and events. Stock tents for farmers markets are a less expensive option compared to fully custom canopies and are a great alternative for businesses looking for basic protection from the sun and rain. We offer five different canopy colors to choose from: White, red, blue, black, and green. Although you cannot customize the peaks of the stock famers market tent, we offer accessories to customize the valances of your tent with custom banners, flags, and awnings. Customized valance banners are typically the most popular stock canopy accessory and allow businesses to showcase their name, logs, and brand colors.

  • More economical pricing
  • Customize with banners and flags
  • Professional quality canopy
  • Durable and reliable tent frame
  • Half-wall and full-wall coverage available
  • Choose from 5 canopy color options

Stock Farmers Market Tent

Premium Canopy Printing

We print our farmers market tent canopies on your choice of 300D or 600D polyester. Both polyester styles are water-resistant and scratch-proof to last through a rough and tumble display circuit. We use a modern dye-sublimation printing process to recreate your graphics. This printing method prevents the graphics from scratching or peeling. The ink is infused into the material so that it feels like it is part of the fabric rather than layered on top of the polyester. The color reproduction offers bold, vibrant designs. We also use full CMYK color, which allows you to add unlimited colors and details into your artwork without it affecting the price or the outcome of the graphics. This premium printing technology results in less scratches and blemishes on the canopy over time, leading to a longer product life.

Size and Frame Options

Our farmers market tents come in many sizes to suit different locations and events. The most popular sizes for farmers market and flea market pop up tents ranges between 8.5x8.5 – 10x20, but we also offer smaller and larger sizes. The most common size that vendors use is the 10x10 option. We also have different types of tent frames and materials. Our Compact and Deluxe frames are made from premium aluminum material while our Economy and Basic frames have a more affordable steel construction. Each frame has different height settings and weights. Below is a graphic showing the difference between our popular Economy, Basic, and Deluxe tent frames.

Tent Frame Economy Tent Frame Basic Tent Frame Deluxe

All Over Print and Logo Print Canopies

Our custom farmers market tent canopies are available in all over print or logo print options. Consider what your artwork looks like and how much of the canopy you want to design when choosing your coverage option. The all over print version allows the graphics to cover all the peaks and valances of the pop up market tent while the logo print only covers specified areas of the peaks and valances. The rest of the logo canopy is printed with a background color to make the graphic or logo pop. If your design is large and includes background artwork, such as a pattern, the all over print is the best option. If your design includes a logo and a slogan or website with a single background color, it would be more cost-effective to go with the logo print option. No matter which coverage option you choose, the print will come out looking great on our high-quality canopies. View the graphic below to see the advantages of a custom printed canopy:

Farmers market tent

Full-Color Dye Sublimation Printing Full-Color Dye Sublimation Printing
All our farmers market tents are custom printed in full digital color for bold, dramatic color reproduction. Each side of the canopy can be custom designed so your outdoor market tent can be spotted from every direction.

Water-Resistant And Flame-Retardant Water-Resistant And Flame-Retardant
Designed for indoor and outdoor use, our custom canopies are finished with a water-resistant and flame-retardant finish to best withstand the elements.

300 & 600 Denier Polyester Fabric

300 or 600 Denier Polyester Fabric
Each custom farmers market tent is printed on durable yet lightweight 300 Denier Polyester Fabric. This super smooth, high-quality fabric is scratch and tear-resistant and has superior lightfastness. Upgrade to our ultra-durable 600D fabric for even more protection.

Heavy Duty Binding Strips

Heavy-Duty Binding Strips
Reinforced strips are added into the seams on each corner to add strength and extend the life of the custom canopy.

Quick and Secure Setup

Quick and Secure Setup
Lightweight polyester paired with hook and loop fasteners makes for a quick and secure setup and breakdown at flea markets and events.

Farmers Market Tent Add-Ons and Accessories

Further customize your canopy tent by adding walls or other accessories to your order. These add-ons offer more advertising space and will help your business stand out.

Wall Options

All our tents for farmers markets have the option for adding walls to every side. Our walls are scaled to fit the size of each tent side and are available and full or half sizes. Add walls to one or all sides of the tent and print each wall with the same design or add unique graphics to each wall. While the farmers market canopy helps customers see your tent from far away, walls get the attention of passersby who are closer to your tent.

  • Choose from full, half, window, & door styles
  • Single-sided, double-sided, and stock print wall styles
  • Installation and removal can be completed by one person
  • Walls crafted from same durable polyester as the canopies


In addition to walls, a popular way to add more branding to your tent is with accessories and hardware. Add a customized banner or flag to your stock tent to showcase your business name and promote the products you sell. Custom awnings are great way to add surface area under the canopy while adding some color to your tent.

If you are displaying multiple tents, we have gutters that fit in between the canopies to catch the rain water and redirect the water behind the tent. We also offer various types of bags for carrying and transporting your tent from location to location. If you always place your tent outdoors, it is important to stabilize the weight of the tent so that the wind does not blow it over. Adding stakes and/or weights to your order allows you to secure your farmers market tent to soft or hard surfaces.

Choose Your Wall Style

Easy To Maintain Canopy & Frame

Vispronet farmers market tent frames and canopies are easy to clean and maintain so you can use them for years of display. For large dirty areas on the canopy, simply spray with water and wipe down. For small blemishes, wipe away dirt with a damp soft cloth and let air dry. Once you are finished displaying the canopy tent at the farmers market or flea market, just collapse the frame, remove the canopy, and store it away in a provided travel bag. Storing the farmers market canopy in a carry bag prevents it from collecting dust and other debris, keeping its pristine finish for your next event. The foldable tent frame can be stored in one of our optional tent bags. These tent bags are crafted from sturdy polyester so you can easily carry your frame with you to your next event.

Frequently Asked Questions


What is the turnaround time?

We have a 3 day turnaround time for our custom farmers market tents. We offer rush production and expedited shipping options if you need your tent as soon as possible. Stock color tents ship out same day if ordered before 1 p.m. ET.

How can I design my custom canopy?

We offer three design methods to choose from: Design Online, Upload Artwork, or Free Design Service. Each method is risk free and includes a free design proof.

What file types do you accept?

We accept JPEG, PNG, TIFF, PDF, PSD, AI, EPS, and SVG file types for your artwork.

Can I order just the canopy?

Yes, you may order just the canopy. When configuring your tent, select “Canopy Only” to purchase just the canopy, without the frame.

How do I prevent my canopy from blowing over in strong winds?

We offer multiple accessories to keep your canopy from blowing over including leg weights and tie down stakes and straps. The leg weights are offered in different styles including sand weights, water weights, and traditional iron weights.

Can I order replacement parts if something breaks?

Yes, unlike other pop up tent vendors, we offer replacement parts for our frames, just in case yours becomes damaged. To browse canopy replacement parts, click here. For more information about what part you need, don’t hesitate to contact our customer service team via phone at (877)-822-0201.

Printing and Material Specs

What is the difference between “All Over Print” and “Logo Print” canopies?

Our canopy tents are separated into two different categories: Logo Print and All Over Print.

  • “All Over Print” tents are completely customizable, with your personalized design covering every inch of the peaks and valances of the canopy.
  • “Logo Print” tents are only customizable in certain areas of the canopy peaks and valances. While your selected background color covers the whole canopy, your actual design or logo is centered on each side of the canopy. The printable areas are indicated in the design templates.

How do you print your market tents?

We print out canopies using dye sublimation. This cutting-edge printing technique infuses the ink directly into the polyester fibers of the canopy, creating a vibrant, full-color finish that is scratch and scuff-resistant.

What material are the canopies made from?

All custom canopies are made from your choice of 300 or 600 denier polyester. All stock canopies are 450 denier. Each material option is water-resistant, flame-retardant, and finished with a polyurethane coating to prevent any corrosion, weathering, or abrasions.

Are your canopy tents flame-retardant?

Yes, our canopies are made from flame-retardant and water-resistant polyester.

How long does your farmers market tent last?

With proper care and storage, our custom tents should last 3-5 years. To keep the canopy graphics in pristine condition, we recommend cleaning the canopy often.

Setup and Care

Can setup and canopy installation be completed by one person?

Yes, our farmers market canopy can be set up by one person. However, we recommend having two people to help expand the frame and attach the canopy. With two or more people, the tent can be assembled in just 5-10 minutes, cutting down on setup time tremendously and making these tents perfect for flea markets, farmers markets, pop up markets, and more.

How do I clean my canopy?

Cleaning the canopy is easy and is recommended to keep graphics looking new. To clean the canopy, simply wipe down soiled area with a sponge and warm soapy water. Avoid using any harsh cleaners or chemicals as these may damage the canopy finish. Ensure the canopy is completely dry before storing, to avoid any mold or mildew damage. Store the tent and frame in a dry, safe place like a storage closet or office.

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